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Cocoa and Spice Cocoa Estate Tour

We had the privilege of taking a group of foodies on a chocolate tour to one of the Cocoa gems of Trinidad and Tobago, Brasso Seco.

The Brasso Seco community is small, with only 300 persons living in the area and one registered taxi that runs a few times a day. However, the residents of Brasso Seco are proud of their locally handmade chocolates and cocoa products. Their bean to bar process is one that they have perfected through trial and error and due to limited resources, has caused them to be innovative. What makes their chocolate even more delicious is the love that they put into the process. 

Our group was welcomed with delicious cocoa tea, made with just the right amount of spice. We were then given a tour of the cocoa house and danced the cocoa for our lunch, succulent chicken, provision, rice, corn pie, salad and their signature dhalaloo, a mixture of callaloo and dhal.  The recipe is a secret and one that has remained in Brasso Seco for decades. 

The warmth of the people and their knowledge and love for what they do really made the tour what it is. The scenic route to Brasso was also delight. I’ve been to other cocoa estates, and so far this is my favourite. Our chocolate tour was definitely enjoyed by all. 

Upon leaving Brasso Seco, each participant was given a herb to plant. InSeason tours want to encourage their participants to not only support local but support themselves. Planting your own herbs, fruits and vegetables not only evokes a sense of pride but also cuts down on how much food we purchase and waste. 

Our next tour is our Chow and Chill tour. Lots of chow and lots of relaxing. 

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